The Adventures of Sugar Pup

There are one million free games on the Internet. This is one of them.

Meet Sugar Pup, the adorable puppy with pink ears, her boyfriend Spike, and her Mom named Wonderful!

SpikeSugar PupWonderful

Send off the pink ball. Help Sugar Pup get points by catching the ball each time it comes in contact with a block.
When the ball touches the colored blocks, the blocks will dissappear. Catch the ball before it hits the ground to get the points.
The more points the ball collects by touching the colored blocks will change the balls color from pink to blue. When the ball is really blue, it has a lot of points, and you need to catch it!
The blocks with Spike in them have to be hit a few times before they break away. They turn from gray to yellow to orange to red. There are no points earned for the blocks with Spike in them.

Keyboard controls

SPACEBARStart the game
Left Arrow KeyMove Sugar Pup Left
Right Arrow KeyMove Sugar Pup Right
Up Arrow KeyLaunch the Ball

Click here to download the game: (4.5 Megs)

This game was written in XNA Studio 4, so you'll need to have the .NET 4 runtime and the XNA Framework runtime installed to play it.

This game will run on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.


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