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Recorded On: 4/1/96

Words By: Scott

Music By: Scott

this song simply rocks! it's one of m.c. nytro's favorites!!

I was sitting in computer class one cold winter day, and the word Freedom came to me. I sang it, and really liked how it went. That night, I wrote all the words, and made the music. This was one of the quickest songs we ever made!!!

I never found the freedom
I never found the truth
I never found a reason
until I found you

verse 1:
the truth of the matter coming with a rhyme and reason
we all want joy in and out of season
looking everywhere hoping that we'll find that treasure
I want it now... I want all the pleasure
you think it's what you need but it's really want you want
go look around , chase it down , is it gone?
in a world of corruption we try to find peace
and in a world of disaster we try to put our heart at ease
looking for happiness you find a disease
and now you're asking society can I be free?

verse 2:
One more time now, before I loose my train of thought
It's time to think about it, think about all those friends you've got
Do they bring you down with them, so that they can get ahead?
God gave you brains; go on and use your head!
This life you've got is yours - don't mess it up
First of all, know your limits, and don't get caught
Up in the stream, as important as it may seem,
Letting life you pass you by, you're working your 9 to 5.
Put God first, there is no other way.
It's time, my brother, or you may...

All of my life I've been searching, looking trying to find which way to go
Inside my lonely heart only seems to be growing cold
I'm looking up and down and around to find something to satisfy me
Now all those things that I've found are laying down dead behind me cause

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