Enough is Enough

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Recorded On: 6/1/96

Words By: Eley Moua & Scott Nelson

Music By: Scott Nelson

Enough is Enough when it comes to Gang Violence.

Racism - Enough is Enough Gang Violence - Enough is Enough Murder - Enough is Enough Why can't we see it - Enough is Enough

Out on the streets, where violence is booming Young kids with guns are dying and loosing It's out in the hood, where they all think that they're hot It's out in the hood, where they all be getting shot One after another, with blood on their hands Uprising vengeance, in each of their clans But now Satan, the devil, moves quickly on his prey And showing no mercy, to the astray He's bringing them down, with condemnation And leaving no hope, for any Salvation Don't even have to guess what's next, because you know The devil will come and try to tear down your soul Division, is what he's pushing, to separate us He's tearing us out, from the inside out - no doubt And check it on out, and pull the Bible off your shelf A house that is divided cannot stand up by itself Young kids today are trapped in the violence Possessing the big guns, and destroying the silence * Boom * Klickity * Boom * The enemy's there. * Boom * Boom * Klickity * Boom * The bullets hit the air * Boom * Boom * Klickity * Boom * There's violence everywhere * Boom * Boom * Klickity * Boom * No one cares. Go stick those Bibles, up in the air And start proclaiming God's Word everywhere Help stop the violence that lies in the streets And fill each corner with the Word of His peace Jesus Christ is serious when He said in His Word; Go and make disciples, of those in the earth The cold shoulder is what they show ya and then ya wonder They're taking him down and breaking him down and making him go under They want peace and fake peace But do not want to make peace Cause ya can't get a dime Out of peacetime They go back and sell drugs To little kids and street thugs They know that it's wrong But they do it anyway Pick up the nine - boom boom, and shoot him down (huh) Then ya got to run, hide, and leave town Can't trust a soul..man this is getting old inside..yo your heart has grown cold Don't need a job got their girls on welfare Taking someone's money can't ya see that's it's not fare Wake up and realize, the world is dead Enough is enough, just like I said You'd rather die yourself, then to trust those authorities Go and tell your story, you're not boring me Because I accept you, for who you are And if you want to talk it out, and I am far, Then talk it out with God, He's near when it's rough We can't go on, Enough is Enough.

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