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Recorded On: 4/1/96

Words By: Eley Moua, Scott Nelson, Chuck Williams, Matt Stephanie

Music By: Scott Nelson

This song represents who we are as a group. Originally, there were 10 people in TMA, and each person got a little verse in this song (including Paul Schwartz, the sound guy!). Now, there's only 3 people, so the songs a lot shorter!

TMA-TMA-T-T-TMA (Then repeat it a bunch of times...)

The time is Revelation, and society is carnal
You cannot preach or teach from the Word of the Eternal
Too many false religions, are plagueing our nation
Teaching lies, free sex, and no justification.
The Truth is what we need, in this carnal country
For the Truth will automatically set us free
Jesus Christ, our Saviour, He died on the cross
To give eternal life to those who are lost

Now TMA is here to claim a strong conviction
To teach and speak and preach the words of Salvation
Now a word from the posse, each and their crue
With a small testimony, built on the Truth

Gimmie the D, Gimmie the J, P - R - A - I - S - E
The funky Disk-Jockey for TMA Peace
You're example I sample and toss it into the beat
So let's all praise the Lord with that phat gospel beat
The fu for you the dreads for me we're in the Lord's ministry
And only Jesus Christ can fulfill all you're needs
You know I love my mother and I love my Peanut Butter
These funkity-phat rhymes we never got them from the gutter

Now tearing down the house with a new-born faith
Comes a smooth dark brother with a righteous taste
Ready and I'm willing to serve the Lord
As the lyrics and the rhyme and the beat shall soon soar
Bringing down the devil with a spiritual gear
Yes, God's in the house, so you'd better beware
So praise His Holy name, as I continue to flow
As you listen to the rhymes, of MC Ntyro

This is SS Ratty and I'm coming to ya live
Bringing you the gospel in a whole different light
The boys got my back, DJ Praise and MC Nytro
Dancing, rapping, singing, manking all praise accessable

Don't even call home, when I rip the microphone
Taking it up ,and ripping it up in half, just like a wishbone
Jesus Christ is real, and He's moving in our lives
He has given us strength and eternal life
Because when the Holy Spirit come, He's moving with power
So omnipotent and strong, it'll shake the Sears Tower

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