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Recorded On: 5/1/96

Words By: DJ Praise

Music By: DJ Praise

I was interviewed once by Michael Bellanger on his weekly radio show, called "Native American News". I was talking about Christ, and about how He is the way into Heaven. Across from me sat Jamison Mahto, who then spoke for a few minutes about how "Christ is not the only way...". From what He said, we created this song.

There's Only 1, Only 1, you know (you know) His Name
There's Only 1, Only 1, He's always the same
There's Only 1, Only 1, you praise (you praise) His Name
And again, and again and again, and again.

Jesus came to us, in the Virgin Birth.
His long term goal was to evangelize the Earth.
He's the narrow gate, in Matthew chapter 7,
And the only way, for us to get to Heaven.
He preached Salvation on the streets everyday.
He pointed to Himself as the only way
He's the only one that took our sins unto the cross,
He rose up Easter morning, and now He is boss.

Now what we're telling, is not a story.
Accept Christ, you'll be in glory.
Heaven's what I mean, and, ya for eternity.
The streets of gold and the clear glass sea.
Now those pearly gates, man, it's not a myth.
All you do is accept it, cause it's God's free gift.
Know that He's the only way, He's coming back someday.
Dedicate your heart to God, now don't delay.

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