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Words By: charles williams, scott nelson

Music By: scott nelson

People are so wired now adays, and we're all so connected to everything that we don't really pay attention to who we are, or what we're really here for. It's time to DISCONNECT and take a break!!!

This is one of the coolest songs we ever got out of our MC-303 Groovebox.

you've got hearts full of trouble, heartache and pain....
you're living in denial and can't take the blame
it's time my friend to come correct...
I'm telling ya now ya better disconnect.

verse 1: well yo we're coming at cha' wit' a sound that ya never heard before * so open up your eyes and listen to the lyrics as I flow * we're dropping a sound that's quite unique * so ya betta' catch it now cause there is no repeat * so people from up above and people from down below * to let ya know * I'm breaking it down to ya plain and simple * cause I cannot seem to think and express the way things used to be * it's still a mystery to me * of why God He set me free * free from the torture and the bondage of sin * l thought life wuz about making money and getting high with friends * living life from day to day and time to party at night * yo lightin' up a blunt and sippin' on some bud light * laid back in the cut and watch my pockets get full * with greed cause I need to eventually succeed * whatever is so clever cause I never cease to sever like a feather I fly better in bright and sunny weather * but as I step back to let my rhymes collect * I hear a voice in my head telling me to disconnect * ( chorus )

verse 2: boob-tube pumping in that stereo sound * taking out the trash and help to pass it around * it goes in one ear, and out of the other * you know it's doing something when it's up there brother * I'm the DJ of this program that you be bouncing to * to get your mental note is the reason why I'm stopping you * hooked up to the world; think about it * can you break it down, no no I doubt it * what'cha gonna do when they come for you?

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04 - Disconnect