The Last Song

Words By: Scotty

Music By: Scotty

That's what it is
That's what it's about
Aint no more messing around
And we out

It's been a blast, four years, making rhymes like this
Solid hit tracks that you can't resist

Picking up the mic and recording sound - laying it down
between Mortal Kombat rounds

Picked my first turntable up from Radio Shack
It was so hard to mix, I should have taken it back

Staying up all hours of the night - that's right
Perfecting drum loops - I had to make them tight

Making music with my fingers - Doctor Rhythm drum pads
Doing shows and shows, jeans, hat and my plaids

I'm moving on (on) to bigger and better
With Tobias and Chiz, I'm talking FabDogg Records

See me, C-Note, busting rhymes that you wrote
Taking you, back to school, to fix what you broke

MC Nytro checking out for a while
Coming new, coming clean, with my FabDogg Style

I'm moving on (on) to bigger and better
With my boys cooking up acid jazz and office humor

DJ Praise is my name, from the days gone by
Dread Locks on my head, but that didn't fly

I'm DJ Praise, but no more, forever known as Scott Rock
Cracking jokes, seeing smiles, like funny man Lance Tock

You know I love my mother, but did you know I have three?
Joyce, Sue and Lori looking out for me

Twin Cities seems to be
The place for me
Place to be
Place to see
Eighty degrees below
And 98 inches of snow

We Got - Negration Nation racing off with our tapes
We Got - This microphone weedinig out the fakes

We Got - The Word of God feeding us the facts
We Got - Scott Rock making funky man tracks

We Got - Brad & Kevin keeping up with the Max
We Got - Scott Rock cuttin up the wax

We Got - C-Note ripping up the mic
We Got - Mad styles served the way you like

We Got - Record Sales like you wouldn't believe
We Got - Real famous people asking us to leave

We Got - Josh Starr on the Fricking Guitar
We Got - Jesus Christ in our hearts

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