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Recorded On: 5/30/98

Words By: DJ Praise

Music By: DJ Praise, Josh Starr

Thanks to the man, Josh Starr, for coming into the studio and helping us with this one!

I've never met you before
Still I surrender my soul
I've never met you before
Why do you want more?

Verse 1:
Problems, Problems, How can we solve them?
Will they go away or will they come back again my friend?
Look here, Look there, tell yourself it isn't fair
Problems come my way everyday so I've gotta care
Red Light, Green Light, Look Left, Look Right
So many directions, You know that it just might
Throw me in a frenzy, and make me a little dizzy
But like Will Smith, you know I'm getting Jiggy
So go fast, go slow, tell me cause I wanna know
Which is the best decision for a young bro?
Like me, like you, what are we supposed to do?
Live our life for God, and face reality too?

Verse 2:
DJ and MC are
In the place to be making history by far
Teaching you, what is true
Water never parts till our feet get wet - you bet
Now I don't, no I don't
Know any other trick to take and make the message stick
Jesus Christ, gave me life
Gave you life, ain't that right?
But sometimes I don't know, you know
Surrounded by dark clouds and shadows through battles and battles as I go
But I'm willing to open my mind
To give it a try, yo, Lord only knows what I'll find

So many questions and directions in our lives
That's why I want to know who You are
I've never seen you with my eyes, but I'm willing to try
I want to know You more

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