Reap What You Sow

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Recorded On: 5/30/98

Words By: MC Nytro

Music By: DJ Praise

The music for this song was an experiment. I made the bass-line with the Groovebox. It's just a simple 2-note wonder, and as it played, I kept modifying the filters. We recorded just that piece (at 98.1 bpm), with no drums or anything, and brought it into the studio. Then, I took a drum beat off of the "Boston Baked Beats" album (98.0 bpm) and mixed it live, in the studio. We didn't use any samplers or any MIDI signals, it was all live!

so many games in this world we need to open up our eyes
and take a look at what's ahead this is a word to the wise
cuz all the troubles and the struggles are a part of our life
that's why we need to understand that the answer is Christ

now here's a little message that will teach ya to think
about the actions that ya take out of natural instinct
you're hangin' on the corners wit' your homies and crew
as you're rolling up your dope and take a swig of your brew
and as ya pass it to the left ya feel a pain in your feet
as ya stumble to the ground and hit your head on the concrete
laid down as you're looking at the clouds in the sky
cause the pain has filled your body and now ya think that you'll die
questions fill your head as ya think of the past
why did i choose a path in life that ended so fast
and now ya recognize the answer as your heart starts to pump slow
it's plain and simple homeboy...ya reap what ya sow...

a brotha' takes a risk living life as a playa'
not knowing in the end that it'll catch up to him later
showing much affection to all the ladies he's used
leaving scars from a far and emotions abused
geared up his hair tight is a major concern
his physical appearance is good but in hell his soul will burn
he's having sex, cashing checks, and leaving hickeys on necks
it doesn't matter what the color, black ,white, or the mexi-cans
hooligans, hoodrats, and Beverly queens
it's all a part of the game of a gigolos dream
until the time has come and he finds that nothing is left
except the harsh reality that there's life after death
and the life that he chose has now lead him to know
that in the very very end homeboy...ya reap what ya sow

and for all the ladies in the house this is a message for you to
to stop and think before ya act and do what ya do
cuz there's plenty sista's out there that will try to refrain
from this message that I'm sending from my mic to your brain
how many times have ya seen a sista down in distress
simply cuz the fact that she chose to pull up her dress
for a brotha' out to get her only under the sheets
now at the age of only 16 she can't see her feet
cuz the stick read blue on the pregnancy test
now it's kids having kids homegirl what will be next
and now ya wished ya recognized before ya started to show
and learned the lesson that i'm trying to teach girl... ya reap what ya sow

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