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Recorded On: 11/22/96

Words By: charles williams

Music By: scott nelson-drum machine,dale "the sax man" mendenhall,charles williams-sampler

I wrote this song from thinking about our calling as Christians. Talks about no matter what persecutions, slander, or personal hardships we may face from day to day, it is our responsibility and eternal debt to continue to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ!!!

This song has no musical ability on our part whatsoever except for the great impove saxiphone by Dale Mendenhall.

The bass line was off of a CD of free bass-lines, and the drum beat was off of a CD of free drum beats. Thanks to Blake, our engineer, for those cool effects on the bridge, making the people on the left be left, and the people on the right be right…

i thought i told ya that we don't stop , i thought i told ya that we don't stop, now here we go yo!(repeat 4 times)

verse 1: once again i'm back in the '96' cause' a brotha' like me never gives an inch * i slip and i slide past the competition keepin' demons in check as i'm keepin' 'em flinchin' * intimidated by the way i hold the mic in my hand cause' when i do i spread the gospel all across the land * from the north to the south to the east to the west from japan to pakistan on out to budepest * cause the people be flockin' to hear the Word so i'll give 'em what they want although i'd much prefer * to take a step back and ly in the cut so let it bump in your trunk as i show ya what's up * cause all around tha' world it's the same ole' song as i'm smokin' up demons like i'm cheech and chong *demons wanna flex and try to act real tuff but i'm sniffin' em' out like my name's McGruff * i'm separatin' the perpetratin' and imitatin' m.c.'s i'm breaking the story down to ya like the birds and tha' bees * but that's anutha' topic * as i protect * so give me a mic check * o.k. now back to the subject * ( chorus ).....( bridge ) verse 2: now here we go break it down one two one two cause' i'm here to entertain and bring ya something new * with one d.j. and a microphone ya know we're straight up mobbin' like Al Capone * so rack em' up stack em' up pack em' and get loose no i'm not O.J but i got tha' juice * cause once ya hear the sound you'll never be the same * it starts a little spark and ignites the flame * it throws ya in a trance and controls ya mind as ya pop in tha' tape and constantly rewind* to hear the same tune wit' dat funky jam i'm spreadin' the gospel of Jesus Christ as if i'm Billy Graham * i'm like a teacher and i'm sure ya agree cause every time i grab the mic i'm making history * as i'm breakin' new records every time i flow and executin' demons like they're on death row* and we don't stop until the job is done and when we are we give the honor to tha' Father and the Son cause* ( chorus ) ....... ( bridge ) ...........

to all the people on my left let me know ya not deaf let me know if ya wit' me (yeah we are wit' cha' )
to all the people on my right if ya rockin' tonight let me know if ya wit' me (yeah we are wit' cha' )
to all the people in the front if this is what ya want let me know if ya wit' me (yeah we are wit' cha' )
to all the people in the back if ya like it like that let me know if ya wit' me (yeah we are wit' cha' )

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