Love, Peace, & HairGrease

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Recorded On: 11/22/96

Words By: DJ Praise

Music By: DJ Praise

MC Nytro always used to say "Love, Peace, and Hairgrase, big baby!!!" These words are also the last words on the Freedom CD. We needed a name for the new CD, and we just thought... hmmmmm... How about Love, Peace, and Hairgrease? I made a song for it, and it was so cool, that it became the title track.

Ok, I got the drum beat off of the Beatles Seargant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band remake, and then I added the cool bass-line, piano hits, and samples. All in all, it makes for a SUPER dancable song!!!

Get down, and get on up
Grease in your hair, love peace in the air
We're just one DJ, and one MC,
and SS Ratty, that's the way it be

Love, they say, makes the world go around
Peace, they say, on the Christmas Holiday
Grease, they say, makes the hair slick back
Breakin it down, 3-2-1 Contact
I'm a true hip hopper, who likes to get down
Let's hop on the bus, take me to funky town
And I'm out - and I'm in, where do I begin?
Rappin down the doors with my chinny chin chin
We're going West, young man, So hurry up and pack,
No matter what the attack, The Mighty Altar's got your back now
Spreading news faster than the Weekly Gazette
I got more connections than the Internet
Working so much faster, than Mister Clean
Pumping more power than the A-Team
Craig is the Mac, and Flav is the Flava
DC is the talk, but Christ is the Savior
Elvis is the King, and so is Don
Don't need a drug test, to see what I'm on
What'll bring peace to the Middle East?
Just a little Love, Peace, and Hair Grease...

Nytro, igniting the flow
Smoothing out the track before I let it go
Well, how about that? I'll take a Scooby Snack
Don't have a Mac attack, Yo, where's my DJ at?
It's the Praise Man, beating down rhythm like a cave man
Climbing up the mountain Cause I think I can, I think I can
I'll be breakin beats, until I'm insane,
SS Ratty, bust a lyrical vein
Double S R A double T Y
SS Ratty kickin beats on the fly
Fools be trippin, and brothers be frontin
Rappin all day, but they aint sayin nothing
Tryin to make millions, what's up with that,
Feeding us poison, so you can get fat?
Election is over, I've tallied up the votes
It's time to separate the sheep from the goats
Some brothers try to be real, but then they sell out
They moved into the fast lane, and then they fell out
I'll Pay up now, Can I get my check please,
It's just love peace and hair grease

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