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Recorded On: 11/1/96

Words By: DJ Praise

Music By: DJ Praise

Praise. What else could we give to a God who has given us so much?

One night, I sat down and prayed, "God, give me inspiration to make a really good song". One hour later, this song was done.


I've got the Praise coming off my lips, and Praise flowing through my mind,
Praising the Lord until the day is done,
I've got Praise in my heart and Praise in my soul,
and Praise in my spirit for the battles that He has won.


Verse 1:

This song is simple, just like the Gospel that He gave, when He came unto this planet reaching people that He came to save.

Love was His mission, and our souls were on His mind. Peace and Prayers filled His life, and like a knife divided time.

He healed the sick, and fed the poor, to Heaven was the door, what's more? He said the whole human race was worth dying for.

I'm thankful for that, greatful to the depths of my soul; He's King of Kings, the Lord of Lord's, the Rock that makes me Roll.

Sitting up in 3rd Heaven, He's got our world in His hands. He created air to breath, and made the seas to part the lands.

Now He's moving it, just like T-Bone, He's grooving it, but you ask yourself, now what does love have to do with it?

Well everything, that you can see, was made by the loving hand of the Almighty now.

That's what this groove be about, see, that there is no doubt. There is no reason in the world we should not shout it out.

He created me, gave me breath, gave me a mouth, so I've got to send His praise to the North, the East, the West and the South.

I'm greatful, thankful for the good friend that He's been to me. He's kept me in check, not out stepping with the enemy.

His grace, is Awesome, with a capitol A. It reaches from New Zealand, to Canada, aay?

Now first, he gave us Freedom, so we could Unite. Either live and die in sin, or Try Jesus Christ!

"Well, thank you very much..." is what the king said, but my King, He wore a crown of thorns, all down His face He bled.

So dig a little deeper to the depths of your soul. He's crying, waiting, hoping, He want's to make you whole.

They said, "Move Him Away", just like the brittle ashes; they pulled out their whips, and gave him thirty-nine lashes.

You can make it so, so you know it's getting made; if you choose to live to get paid, then you're gonna get played.

But if you choose to satisfy my Father up in heaven, He can take all of your worth, and multiply it seven.

If you choose to live in His will, and live in His way, today, He can stop the sin, and let the Son come in, so just pray.

Now count your blessings, while you're dressing in the morning light; thank Him for your friends and family every day and night.

But this rap be getting kind of long, so I think I'll quit. I just wanted to let you know what my heart be down with.

Verse 2:

Now we know that the Lord is good, we know that the Lord is kind, and that we're greatfull to Him all the time.

But do we know that He's caring, do we know that He's forgiving, do we know that He's gracious, when we let our light shine.

I'd like to stop, and thank the Father, for providing for my needs, even though I did not bother

To take time out, to praise His Holy Name, cause I was too caught up in surviving the game.

Now He's the ruler of my life, and I would not think twice, cause ever since He's come into my heart...

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