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Words By: MC Nytro

Music By: DJ Praise

This is one of the first "coolest" songs we ever made!!! When I first made the song, I needed some little vocal sample to put over the music, just to test out a new sampler that we bought. So, I just made up something off of the top of my head, and sang "U-N-I-T-E, that's just the way that it's got to be" into the microphone, and looped it over the chorus. It sounded so good, that we kept it, and it's been with the song ever since. Also, at 0:46, you hear a "boing" sound, as if the song is being censored. What happened is that somebody accidentally recorded over that second of the song, so we put that "boing" sound over it to be silly, and there it is.

U-N-I-T-E, that's just the way that it's got to be

Verse 1:
To many people in the world want to front
From lack of knowledge and good morals, they do what they want
And don't think about, all the consequences
We've got to start now and use some common sense, and
Put our heads together, to make a better place, no
No matter what the color, no matter what the race, and,
Only then will we see a change,
In our nations and our government, and even our gangs, cause
United we stand, but divided we fall
That's why we've got to stick together, to tear down the walls.
And break through these racial barriers.
Past the exterior, and get into the interior.
And let our children play in peace
From the hoods to the Hills of Beverly - So Unite

Verse 2:
This is a message, on the positive tip
As I grip the microphone and let my lyrics rip
And now that it seems that I've got your attention
Let me explain my mission
You say, that it's a mission impossible.
But with Jesus Christ, anything is possible.
That's why I'm here to confess and profess
And praise His Holy Name, cause His love is above the rest.
Cause He died for a brother like you, like me,
On a tree, when He shed His blood on Calvary
So there ain't no half stepping.
I go to battle against the devil, use the Bible as my weapon.
To keep drilling like a woodpecker.
And if that don't work, like Taco Bell I'll give 'em a double decker
And as I watch 'em hit the floor,
You know I'll slice 'em and I'll cut 'em like a garbage disposal
And now it seems like he's out the way,
We can all come together maybe finally say, UNITE!

Verse 3:
There ain't no party like a Holy Ghost party
Cause a Holy Ghost party don't stop.
So if you're down with the G-O-D like me
Throw you're hands in the air, cause it's time to rock.
Now I'm a Negro, was born and raised in Ohio
Coming straight at you with a spiritual lingo
And ain't no shame to my game
Because I'm saving souls for Christ as I rise to fame and
It's all good as I see your heads ringing
I'm keeping the angels singing with these rhymes I'm bringing
Out of my head like a scholar
I'm unfadable with DJ Praise as my partner
But that's okay, as I say, by the way
If you want to be united, get on your knees and pray
Cause Jesus + you + me = 3
The only way to become U-N-I-T-E-D
So don't flip, or you'll trip on the scrip
As my lyrics get funky, like an armpit
And don't mess with God's children, cause it's no doubt
That not my momma but my Father said He'll knock you out, so Unite!

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