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Recorded On: 6/1/97

Words By: DJ & MC

Music By: DJ

Come on, hop aboard, it's about to begin
The Party of the Year, you know that it's finally here
So get a grip, fellowship and make a friend or two
Sit back and relax and enjoy the view
And listen to the sounds of yours truly
The man inspired by the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost
Yeah, I hate to brag and boast, but
I'm knocking demons out, yo, from Coast to Coast
I'm producing, and introducing a brand new sound
That's sweeping through the nations, states cities and towns
It's like an epidemic, and you know it's contagious
It gets inside your soul and makes you feel outrageous
It doesn't really matter if you're here or there
If you're down with this jam, through your Bible in the air
And let go, try to keep up with the tempo
Cause if you don't you're gonna get plaid like Nintendo
So look to the left, now look to your right
Look up, look down, through your hands side to side
To let the people know that you're coming direct
Straight from the underground so ya gotta protect
What's yours, what's mine, at the drop of a dime
Cause like the Temptations, I heard it through the Grape Vine
But at this party it doesn't matter what you're like
And it doesn't really matter if you're black or white
Because Jesus loves you, this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is strong
I'm just a young G, not an old G so respect me
I'm living my life for the G-O-D
We're in the nine seven, and I'm down for sure
Take it to another level never been before
I'm like a scavenger, and yo the hunt is on
So Word to the Father cause my word is bone
I don't stop the only Tick-Tock
When it's time to rock the spot
My tongue will flip-flop with this Holy Hip Hop
Flying like an eagle on the wings of a dove
Soaring to the top as I show you God's love
So slide slide, slipity-slide
Cause I've been living for Christ since 85
So can I get a witness as I show you this fiz or siz or riz
Or show you how it's done in Showbiz
I'm a mellow, a cool fellow, yes indeed
So let's sit down and chat over coffee or tea
Cause if you want to battle demons, make sure you come my way
Cause I've been there and done that like Doctor Dre, so what the Hey!
It's the DJ, come what may, I say
Bow Wow Wow, yippee yo, Hey Hey
We're not in it for the money else we would be broke
We're taking different routes we're taking different strokes
We're rapping it and mixing it and doing it right
We're pressing it and testing it, all through the night
Back in the day I had the hair that was nappy
Doing what I do to make my Grand Pappy - Happy
Got the party covered, University to Lake Street
DJ Praise, mixing the new break beat
Do you see what I see, and hear what I hear?
Celebrating Jesus Christ, with the Party of the Year.

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