Down Town Stranger (Gangstas)

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Recorded On: 6/1/96

Words By: Brad Peglow

Music By: DJ Praise

This song is dedicated to all the gangsters. Jesus loves them and died for them as much as for you and me. They just need Jesus, If He is the Lord of your life, the last thing you need to be is a gangster.

Pump your gun, Fire, Dead! Pump your gun, Fire, Dead! Pump your gun, Fire, Dead! You Pump your gun, and fire, now he's dead.

Verse One: Gangstas! Shooting one another. Doing what they want, acting like any other. To kill, Ah what a thrill. Like to see people die and watch the blood spill. Cruising down the street in his bright red Benz. Girlies all around, the good life never ends. Sees a "G" on the street, pimping real smooth. He thinks for a moment, what am I gonna do? Cold-blooded murder cuz he wears blue, not red. You pump your gun and fire, now he's dead.

Verse Two: He receives a phone call what he's doing, drops it all. Gotta go out and get himself an 8-ball. Pulls out a wad and starts flipping through bills. It's gonna take money if you wanna get your thrills. Cops show up and the warfare begins. Fighting a battle ain't no one gonna win. 5.0 kills his homey, he avenges his death. Searches for the Po-Po till he's out of breath. He swears "I'm gonna kill you cop". All this nonsense, is it ever gonna stop? Like a crying baby, that's never fully fed. You pump your gun and fire, now he's dead.

Verse Three: Brother hangs on the stretch. Thumping to the music and polishing his rolex. Influenced by all those dirty rhymes. He wants nothing else but to have a good time. Looks for a lady to come home with him tonight. She's gotta be fine, with a booty out of sight. When all of the sudden, nobody knew. Why up came the flashing lights, red and blue. Homey pulls out his .45 ready to attack. When he feels a sharp pain enter into his back. He fell to the ground, laying out flat. Always knew he would go out like that. So it is, just as it is said, Pump your gun and fire, now he's dead.

Verse Four: What kind of life is this. Always hoping they'll miss. Live large! You gain power while you're here. But inside you live your life in fear. Never knowing if you'll be the next to die. Another poor victim of a drive-by. But you can be protected, never rejected, And always accepted. You must put your trust in the one who loves you most. And receive power through the Holy Ghost. But if you choose not to accept the gift, But you'd rather drift, And follow after your own evil desire. Don't be shocked when it's pump of the gun, you're dead, now face the fire.

Last Chorus: (Last Line) Throw down your guns and give your life to Jesus Christ instead.

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