God's in the House

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Words By: DJ & MC

Music By: DJ Praise

If God's in the house, let me hear the party people say HO
If God's in the house, let me hear the party people say HO - HO
If God's in the house, let me hear the party people say HO
If God's in the house, let me hear the party people say HO - HO - HO

If God's in the house, then He must be alive
So get a grip and fellowship, and open your eyes
Because you never know, what may come next
I drop a sound that'll surprise you like a bag full of tricks
So I, step back and it's easy to see
How the Lord Jesus Christ is still working on me
But now, wait a minute, cause I think I spot a demon
So no need to think twice, like Warren G I'll regulate him
Because when I see a demon, you know I start steaming
Have to put him in check and have him running home screaming
Saying, "Daddy devil, Nytro's bringing me down,
With his crew and that music of a spiritual sound".
So, I come hard, and then I'll come harder
Be stepping on the demon then grooooowl like Chewbacca
And when the battle's over, I'll step to the side
And sing "Glory Hallelujah", cause God's alive

I'm laid back on the mic as I go to work
I'm eating demons like a meal, with my Bible and my fork
I chose a topic, grab the microphone as I lock it
Let the beat go, and hear the bass as I drop it
Cause Jesus Christ is alive and well
So you'd better follow Him, or else you'll burn in Hell
And you know, that's a place where they'll be gnashing their teeth
Where the skin melts off your face with the fire and heat
But there's another way, another choice and alternative
Get down with the King, and with Him you'll forever live
The path is narrow, but the life is great
Cause at the end of the road there are golden gates
It's a place of love and joy that'll put you at ease
Where everybodies constantly praising the Prince of Peace
And you'll feel free, like the birds in the sky
And sing "Glory Hallelujah", cause God's alive

Gimmie the D, gimmie the J, gimmie all that stuff
Give me all you've got, cause Enough is Enough
You've gotta love, don't you know, from your soul to your heart
You can't buy it, like the Beatles, so tell it apart
Gotta gotta - look foreward, with both of my eyes.
Never let the devil come and take me by surprise
Gotta - stay focused on the eternal prize
This fools gold is a way to the wise
Some people win, and some people drop it
Some people loose, and other people mock it
But I've got the Sprite in my left hand
And the other one's in my pocket - ROCK IT!
Come on, get with it, Jesus Christ is the ticket
The world is dying, but they don't want to admit it
Now is the day, the day of Salvation
With the power of God, we'll take this whole nation
Man is strong, but God is stronger.
Come on people, let's wait a little longer
This is DJ Praise, let's move it on out.
Your salvation is what I'm praising about
And while I'm on the subject, giving praise unto my Lord,
I'll be thanking Him again, for those things I can't afford.
A smile on my face, and bringing peace unto my house
Praise Him now, cause He is in the house

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