We are Family

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Recorded On: 5/15/97

Words By: Kevin Stiner, Rick Stiner, Brad Peglow, Chuck Williams, Scott Nelson

Music By: Scott Nelson

We are family, and we're prasing God
Kicking fresh rhymes, going faster than a hot rod
Praising the Lord is what we do best
When we get together, then we're put to the test
To spread the Word of God all across the land
Me, Kevin and Axe are in this band
Testimony's in the house with TMA
Words of Light in a world of grey
Trying to spread the Word, so you can see
Brothers in Christ are family
Here we go blasting off like a rocket
Shooting like a star, flowing like water through a faucet
Tellin you how it is when I'm hanging with the crew
Singing to the Father is what I want to do
Cause Family sticks together through bright and stormy weather
You thought it was good, well it's going to get better
F to the A M I to the L Y
Stickin together untill the day we die
Enjoy the great union in the skies
I hope you can join the family together in Paradise

I'm the DT flowing out of control
Declaring war on the one who wants to steal your soul
Got a message to deliver Hope you came to hear it
One young brother filled with the spirit
Representing the one Jesus Christ
The Gospel flowing out my mouth as I rock the mic
No matter what you think I came to do
To tell the truth is why I came to you
You're wandering through darkness stuck in rewind
About as much good as the blind leading the blind
Why trip and fall and do a faceplant?
When you can just follow the Master's plans?
He provides you with hope and a new direction
Christ is the only way to perfection
You say you lost your sight, and lost all your fight
Quit driving around with broken headlights
Only Christ can be the one to break your chains
And take away all of your pains
Give the Lord a chance to set you free
And come join the party with your true family

Once again it's the men from the TMA
Hyped up cause we're down with the Holy Posse
Bringing it straight to you nice and smooth
So you better get a grip as we bust the move
From the left to the right from the back to the front
Cause when we're on the mic we're gonna give you what you want
To hear - So please don't fear, the flow
We're rockin the Devil hard so he can feel it down below
And see yo that we're gainin' momentum
Cause we're not down with sin cause it poisons like venom
Yeah, and you don't stop, and you don't even quit like this
We're just the midwest summer boys Making some real noise
Spreading the Good News, and not some cheap blues
Family that's tight as a knot, believe it or not
It's Jesus' love that we all got
A love that's warmer than a Minnesota Summer
A love that's carin' and sharin' for one another
We're not a new branch on the family tree
It's The Mighty Altar, and We are Family!

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