Respect for the Ladies

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Words By: Scott and Chuck

Music By: Scott Nelson

The drum-beat was my attempt to copy the "Wicked Plastic" beat off of "Ultimate Bass Tracks - Volume 1". Then, the bass-line was one I plucked out on a piano, then transposed to my drum-machine. I accidently got one note wrong, and it sounded much better than it did before, so I kept it!!! The piano and guitar parts came in after. I did them at my friends house on my portable DR-5.

Yo, fellas, show some respect for the ladies,
because they're people too.
So come on fellas, show some respect for the ladies,
and this is what we're gonna do!

Life is too long for us to make it all alone
And God does not intend for us to make it on our own.
He knows what we need, before we can even ask Him.
He gives us a friend, a life-long companion.
For those good and those bad times, those happy and sad times,
Those times when we're up, and those times that we're down.
Two hearts, combining as one, love's abounding,
Building up true love from within, you're heart's pounding.
Young love taking form, on the inside
Keep it growing up, and never let it die
Cause if you do, you will realize
that love's not a game anymore.

Woman, created by God, for her husband
and man, created by God, for his wife.
Forever, they come together, till death do us apart
until then, you give them your heart
That's the start, that's the part, of a sign of your true love
man, don't look back, don't look back, if you do love.
Love never fails, it's not proud or loud,
I'm saying love never fails, to keep us up when we're down.
Look out, believe it, reach out, receive it - hey!
Love ain't love until you're giving it away!
A woman is a gift, she's your's to protect.
A woman is so precious, come on, show respect!

Now listen closely, and pay attention
As I flow with the last verse in conclusion
Of what a woman wants and needs,
And by the end of the rhyme you will surely agree
That the beauty of a woman it flows from within
From her heart through her veins on out to her skin
So when you're talkin and you're walking while you're holding her hand
Make sure you leave a message every now and then
To let her know that you love her and you need her so much
Because when you express your love for her you need to be upfront
Respect for the ladies is a lesson we all must learn
So step up, be a man because it's your turn

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