Break up the Trend

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Words By: Charles Williams, Scott Nelson

Music By: Scott Nelson

The idea of this song originnaly came from me, Charles Williams, and how I thought that it wuz important for us, as Christians, to go out and make a difference in this world by showing the love of Christ. By doing this, we will ultimately.... "break up the trend" of humanties sinful nature and allow God to guide our paths!! Amen!!

break up the trend in this world that we're now livin' in ( repeat 3 times ) .... break up the trend, break up the trend!!!!

verse 1: now here comes a message from the Heavenly realms * with a beat that's garaunteed to have ya jumping and slam * and in a sense as I condense with this righteous estate * I'm gonna shake satan's kingdom with a holy earthquake * cause the devil's out to get cha' and to lead ya astray * he's like a lion on the prowl and we are the prey * but there's someone who can save us and He is the light * and His first names' Jesus last name is Christ * so ya better wake up and get your spirit in gear * cause ya say you're not afraid but the Lord ya must fear * cause in a flash and a dash and a blink of an eye * He can change your life around and have ya kiss it goodbye * cause the Lord does not settle nor confirm to our sins * so let's end and begin to try and break up the trend!!

verse 2:
now here we go from the top the second verse of the same song * cause the second coming of Jesus Christ will not be long * so ya better get a grip "G" * before satan gets ahold of ya and tries to put ya out your misery * it's like a battle and Christ is the colonal * if you're on his side yo your life shall be eternal * and when the battle is over you're victorious * now you're up in Heaven celebrating oh how glorious!! * it will be when we come to see Him face to face * His precious love forever more yo we shall embrace * but for the moment and this world that we're now living in... * I recommend for us to break up the trend!!!

Verse 3
I'm in God's house, and never am I leaving ladies, * Or gentlemen, so jump in your Mercadies Bens, again, * And ride around the block again, * As I'm talkin and walkin with God, my best friend * Keeping the beats true and keepin them funky, * But hey, hey, hey, hey, we're not the Monkees!!! * Matter of fact, I was born naughty by nature * But I had to change, had to change my behavior. * My life was a habbit, and my habbit was my life, * Until I broke the trend, broke the trend and made it right. * God offers peace of mind, that you'll never find * Anywhere else, man, believe me cause I've tried to find it * Kickin it in the crowd, only trying to be heard * Living life so fast, and getting caught up in the blur * Then Satan's got you there, where he wants you there, * Caught up in the hustle and the bustle of your own cares. * Here's what you've got to do, open your Bible. * Open up your heart, and prepare for revival. * Cast all you cares on God, because He wants you to * Leave it all behind, start fresh, he is calling you to...(chorus)

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