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Words By: MC Nytro

Music By: DJ Praise

Here's a little story from me * On how I gave my life to Christ, so I'll call it Testimony * One young brother coming up from his childhood * Living kind of rough, coming from a bad neighborhood * Running up and down the streets, looking for some action * Hooping on and up the courts as if I'm John Paxon * Ready and I'm steadily looking for some new tricks * Cause my father died at the time that I was age six * Constantly rebelling and disputing with my mother * Showing no respect because I wish I had another * Hanging on the courts, and I'm looking from the alleys * Trying to run and hide, cause I'm wanted by the police * For beating down a brother, charged with assault and battery * How I survived the streets remains a mystery - and that's my Testimony.

Now comes the time that I flow with the second verse * I'm bringing up my past because it nags like a witches curse * At the age of ten let's begin with the info * Joined a small gang that was called the Disciples * Living like a villan as I'm chiling with my homies * Learning what it's like to live my life as an OG * Constantly looking for an exit out the business * Cause the way I'm headed seems to leave me with an emptiness * So I went to church now I'm back in the temple * Trying to change my lifestyle although meanwhile * God is on His throne and I feel He's looking on me * Showing me His love, and I'm wondering, how can this be? * That God took the time to invest in a sinner * Who wasn't worthy of His glory, now he's a winner * Clean up my act, and I'm trying to live the right life * As I spread the gospel of my Savior Lord Jesus Christ * Once was lost in sin, but revived by the Holy Ghost * I once was dealing drugs, now the Bible is my overdose * Studying religion, and living Christianity * And that concludes my true second verse, of my Testimony.

One Two Three, as I come back hitting harder * Blowing up the stage like a B-150 bomber * Filled by the Holy Ghost and led by the Holy Spirit * Pumping with the volume of the Bass so that you can hear it * Thumping, as I go with the flow. * With Christ by my side I continue with the tempo * Coming to you live, in the Hip-Hop phase * It's MC Nytro, and DJ Praise * But yo, back to my story and the G.O.D. * And what I know that He's done in my life for me * Well ever since I gave my life to His Holy Name * There's been a change in my heart, and my life's not the same * I go to church now with a smile on my face * Because I have a new hope in His amazing grace * And as I look into the future what do I see? * My life dedicated to Christ, and that's my Testimony.

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