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Words By: Scotty Man

Music By: Scott

Hey, let's face it...this life is tough!!! To deal with it all, we live it up a little. However, when it gets to where that's all we do is PARTY-HARTY--losing focus on the meaning of life, we gotta check ourselves...

I was walking down the street one day and I heard this car drive by with a cool bass beat that I vowed to remember, to see if I could re-create it. I got to school the next day and wrote this song. I realized (over the years) that the song I originally heard was the JUMP AROUND remix by House of Pain.

You don't need to smoke to have a good time
No, you don't need to get high to stay in line
You don't need to drink, no matter what you may think
So just praise the Lord cause it's Party-Time!!!

Verse 1:
I'm the one to come and bring it down to the ground.
'Cause you've got to be R E A L if you want to be found.
Pleasing, in the sight of our Lord.
His grace, yo, we can't afford.
It's a free gift, but we turn away.
And we listen to the lies that other people say.
Smoke and you'll be cool like that.
But you choke, you're a fool like that.
It's a joke, if you pursue like that.
Some day you'll croak, if you do like that.
The first sign of lung cancer is a cigarette.
But you buy 'em up anyway, showing no regret.
Spending big cash like you're losing a bet.
Then you throw a big bash and you get into big debt.
Drugs, on the other hand, are even worse!
Buy them up one day, next day you're in a hearse.
Cyprus Hill, has their bong.
It's a big joke, yo, it's one big song.
But wait a minute 'cause it's not funny.
You're getting high and you're spending big money.
You're not playing for cheats, you're playing for keeps.
With a drug dealer and his nine (.09).
Or should I say a gun, that he keeps within his vest.
Like a breastplate that's strapped around his chest.
Make a wrong move and you're through!!!
Now, what kind of life is that for you?
Don't you know that you're loved by the ultimate force?
Give Him control and He'll change your course.
For real...he can cut those addictions.
He can take your life and erase all those frictions.
Do you want Him to take control of your heart and soul?
Do it now, you're not too young or too old.
So, as I combine my rhyme with a bass line.
Just praise the Lord 'cause it's Party-Time!

Verse 2:
I'm the DJ...the disk jockey, like you've heard.
Taking those phat dancin' house beats and spread the Word.
Up and Down and North and South, and East and left and right.
It's a New Thing, but I'm not afraid to try!
Why ask why, man? Just keep on jumpin.
We've got those speakers pumpin!!! HEY!
Bring it all back, but not too slowly.
Keeping the faith--I want to be Holy!
Follow the example of my Lord and my Risen King.
Make Me Like You is the song I sing.
The Lord is on my side. He's just and true.
He's big and brave, and strong and gentle too.
Way up on the sensitive tip, HUH!
Not even Hammer can touch this.
Style that He's got when He forgives us.
'Cause when we sin He sees us.
But He never fails to pick us up again.
He knows us closer than our closest friend.
He's quicker and sharper than Robert DeNiro.
Jesus Christ, the Underground Hero.
We're Down with the King, so we don't fear anything.
Taking it one day at a time, living low, like a B-LINE.
Living large and moving it up, up, up.
Praising the Lord 'cause He fills up my cup.
Again and again, and again and again, HEY!
Jesus Christ, you're my best friend!
I give you control of my life, every day.
In every way so, yo, be listening to what I say, HEY!
You're guiding me and leading me, and keeping me on track.
Because we all fall off the road, and that's a fact!

Verse 3:
New-Life-Crew, the New Life waiting for you.
Yo, can't you see it now? Check it out, Loc.
Heirs of Christ, Sons of God, going up.
God, I need your Spirit so please fill me up.
Day out, day in, day out, day in.
Love God, Hate Sin, Love the Sinner, let's begin.
To walk like our Father does, talk like our Father does.
Do it from your heart, never never never just because.
Hard-core beats, for this Rugged-Rhyme-Sayer.
If you fall off track, repeat this prayer:

"Father, please forgive me for the sins I have committed.
As I look into your Book, I know that they're omitted."

That's what it's all about, no doubting God's grace.
Opportunity's at your door, just finish the race.
Keep your eyes on Heaven, not on your church steeple.
'Cause what's in Heaven? It's the PARTY PEOPLE!
God is praised all night and day in Heaven.
The angels of the Lord never stop worshipping.
They lift Him up with praise, so why don't we?
Lift our voices in one accord and give God some glory?
And we can even do it with rhythm and rhyme.
So just Praise the Lord 'cause it's Party Time!

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