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Recorded On: 11/22/96

Words By: Scotty and his partner, Chuck (WinkyMan)

Music By: All Sequences by Scott Nelson, and the KILLER sax by Dale Mendenhall

People don't want to hear what Christians have to say. They play them off, thinking they've heard it all before, missing out on hearing the truth that can set them free.

Dale, the saxaphone player, came into the studio and said, "What key is this song in?" I said, "I don't know...", and so he listened, and within 5 minutes, he recorded his one and only take, totally improv. He's quite the man!!!

You don't know what's in my soul
You don't know what's on my mind
You don't know what's in my heart
You choose to leave me behind

Verse 1: 1 Teacher, 1 Man, 1 Story, 1 Plan
He taught them all to be the fishers of men
The Lord said "Follow Me", come what may
So I took the step of faith, and lost my family along the way
My daddy was a man of God, and I became one too;
Seeming like a miracle, and knowing what the Son of God could do
But - I turned my head, and my dad was gone,
A backslidden man, and now I'm standing alone.
I've got no one, but Christ at my side
The world doesn't care, if I'm even there.
You see Yeshua Shalom, He makes a throne of His own.
Inside of my heart, is where He makes his home.

Verse 2:
My mind, always contemplating funny thoughts in
My mind, and always seeming incontinuously
Wasting time, living life from day to day
Without no distractions, it leaves me in dismay
Traveling across the world, from coast to coast
By foot, by car, by plane, by boat
Trying to find the answers, and meaning in life
Like why must we all die, or who will be my wife?
These are the questions, but only a few
Of what's running through my head and wondering what should I do?
About these different situations, that's causing me frustration
Make a choice now, no time for hesitation
But how can You help me, you don't know who I am?
All these things running through my mind, man
But wait a minute, I see a man in the mirror
Descending down from Heaven and He makes my life clearer
He gives me a focus, a sense of direction
Provides for my needs, and shows me affection
He knows me better, than any other
And in His family, I've got sisters and brothers
And now that I know what's running through my mind,
I'll tell you what it is man, it's Jesus - it's Jesus.

If you want to know what's in my soul
If you want to know what's on my mind
If you want to know what's in my life
It is Jesus Christ

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