Mario Emulation Homepage Rating:
Get cool Mario ROM's and what-not. A must see for any true Super Mario Brothers fan!

The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Page Rating:
Oh yeah - The one and only, Weird Al Yankovic!!!

The Unofficial Menards Guy Homepage Rating:
Your One-Stop-Shop for our hero, Ray Szmanda, aka the Menards Guy.

Break Beat Records Rating:
Here, you can buy some pretty good break-beat LP's (Vinyl)

Joe Co Rating:
Oh no - It's Joe Co! Go here for all of your C++ Builder needs!!!

Acid Office - The Official Home of Office Billy Rating:
When I'm not doing TMA, I'm doing Acid Office. Check it out!!!

The Devastator Home Page Rating:
Remember the Constructicons? Of course you do. Check this one out...

Planet East Rating:
This is my friend Alex's page.

April Fools Rating:
Would you like to make someone think they just inherited a fortune, or maybe that their new computer has been recalled? We will build a realistic Web page with their name so that you can direct them to the "important notice."

Web Ultra Hal Rating:
Talk for hours to a computer that pretends to be a person.

Hail Brak Rating:
Brak - He's the MAN!!! Check out his homepage on America On Line

The Peter Nyreen Page Rating:
Oh yes - here it is! The ultimate Peter Nyreen Fan Club Page! As never seen before!!!

Classic Gaming Rating:
Go here for tons of game emulators and what-not.

The Hip Hop Zone Rating:
The #1 Christian Hip-Hop Resource in The World

Ask Doctor Science Rating:
Remember, he's not a real doctor!!!

Trend Masters Rating:
Go here to buy Voltron toys, and other classics!!!

Homepage of the Groovebox Rating:
The Groovebox (Roland MC-303) is a new machine that we picked up in 96. Check out the specks for this machine.

Yahoo Rating:
Only the BEST search engine in the world!

Sam Barlow High School Rating:
Yeah, I went to school here. It pretty much ruled!!!

Current Time Rating:
Hey, sometimes, you've just got to know what time it really is…

Hennepin County Home Page Rating:
Visit the web-page of Scott's Employment when nothing will satisfy you like checking out today's Governmental Trends!!!