Name Scott Daniel Nelson

People say I look like A poser.

People say I sound like Davy Jones (from the Monkees), and my dad. Not that my dad raps, but people say I sing like him. Some people say that I sing with an English accent (like Davy Jones), but I'm not English! I guess I've just sung his songs one time too many!!!!

Hometown Carpinteria, CA, and Mound, MN

Favorite Phrases or Sayings: "Coke-a-cola: The breakfast of Champions!", "You're so Office", "They like it when you do that", and "I'm the DJ, the disk jockey..."

Worst song I ever made It was a song called "I want to Clean Up my Life". The lyrics were very good, and had a really good message about how bad we mess up our lives, and how God can take our biggest mess and make it his best tool. However, the music was so out of tune, so then when I sang it (yes, sang - not rapped), I was completely off tune, and it sounded AWFUL! There are three copies of that song. Let's hope those three tapes find their ways to the TRASH-CAN!!!!!!!!!

Least Favorite TMA song Hmmm.... Considering that I had a part in making every one of them, where do I start? This may sound stupid, but the songs that I always fast foreward through would be "Freedom" and "Gotta Love". They're great songs, but I've heard them HUNDREDS of times, and they're starting to get on my N E R V E S!!!!!

Lyrical Inspiration: SFC, PID, the Bible, and mostly personal experiences.

Most favorite TMA song "Reap what you Sow", "He'll Leave You Never", and "Never Met".