Name Charles Eugene Williams IV

People say I look like The late Notorious B.I.G.

People say I sound like Biz Markie

Hometown Columbus, OH

Favorite Phrases or Sayings: "I love this country!!!", "Peace (With 2 fingers)", and "Love, Peace and Hairgrease"

Worst song I ever made At ten, I made a group called Super C and the fresh 5. We thought we were just awesome. The song was something like "I love to eat". I talked about all these different place I liked to go and eat, and all the different types of food. We did the song in a talent show, and finished in 3rd place, but I think it was just because we were so young. I had these white guys beat boxing, me and one other white guy rapping, and 1 Italian guy on a turntable. We were representing each ethnic background.

Least Favorite TMA song That's tough.. There's a lot of them... (LOL) It's maybe a tie between "Hold On" and "Enough is Enough".

Lyrical Inspiration: I like to use East coast flavor (Pharcyde, L.L. Cool J, and maybe a little bit of Warren G.)

Most favorite TMA song Without a doubt, I'd have to say "Party of the Year"