Here you will soon find a wealth of useful office products.

Instructions: To download any of this software, right click on the program you want in the "Download" column. If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer, select "Save Target As", and save it to your local drive. If you're using Netscape, select "Save Link As", and save it to your local drive.

Platform Program Download
Microsoft Word 97
Acid Office Screen Saver: There's a lot of cool Screen Savers out there nowadays, but none like this! We have figured out how to make Microsoft Word act like a screen saver! Ever five seconds, this document will type Office Quotations into itself, and then randomly change each letter's font size and color. ScreenSaver.doc
Microsoft Excel 97
Management Overhead Calculator: It's simple. You put in how many people the project will need, and how long it will take, and this wonderful spreadsheet will automatically add in the huge management overhead costs for you! No more hassle! Management.xls
Microsoft Access 97
Buzzword Bingo: You've seen the Dilbert Cartoon... You've dreamed about it... Now play it! Download this program, put in your favorite office buzzwords, tell it how many cards you want, and **PRESTO** BuzzWord.MDB

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