My name is Scott. I have a website. You're on it.

All my life have I been fascinated by Video Games. I like to create them just as much as I like to play them! Visit my game library to see three Freeware games that I have developed in the past few years. These games include the World Famous Town Hall Toaster, as well as my newest creation, Dinger Finger!

WebsiteYears DevelopedDescription
TMA Web Page 1996-1998 In the 1990's, I was a part of a music group called TMA. In 1996, we sold over 13 CD's! And then, in 1999, we did it again!
Tim, Jaiden & Glorianna's Website 1997-2001 This is a website that my wife and I created for our Uber Children.
Acid Office 1998-1999 With friends of mine from work, I created an Office Humor website. Long Live Office Billy!
ScottTown Games 2001-2004 This is my webpage for showcasing my video games.
About Me "1986" (2002) Here is a website that I created personally for you, so that you could learn more about me.