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My name is Scott. I have a website. You're on it.

All my life have I been fascinated by Video Games. I like to create them just as much as I like to play them! Visit my game library to see three Freeware games that I have developed over the past 20 years. These games include the World Famous Town Hall Toaster, as well as my newest creation, Dinger Finger!

Website Years Developed Description
ScottTown Games 2001-2019 This is my webpage for showcasing my video games.
TMA Web Page 1996-1998 In the 1990's, I was a part of a music group called TMA. In 1996, we sold over 13 CD's! And then, in 1999, we did it again!
Tim, Jaiden & Glorianna's Website 1997-2001 This is a website that we created for our Uber Children when they were very young.
Acid Office 1998-1999 With friends of mine from work, I created an Office Humor website. Long Live Office Billy!
About Me "1986" (2002) Here is a website that I created personally for you, so that you could learn more about me.